Dream Exploration


Have you ever woken up completely baffled by what you just dreamt about? 

Need a little direction on what the dream could mean and  how it relates to your life? 

Dream exploration may be just what you need. Let's discuss how I can help you make sense of what goes on when you close your eyes. 

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Dream Coaching


Do you want to have deeper, more meaningful dreams?

Would you love to learn to fly or say hello to a loved one who has moved to another world?

Dream coaching may be just what you need. Let's work together on your dream goals with me as your tour guide. 

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Dream Junior


Does your child wake up from nightmares? 

Does your child wake up from magickal dreams?

Do you want to learn how to teach them to have a better dream life?

Dream junior may be just what you need.  Let's teach your children.

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Dream Reading


Do you have a question you are having a hard time answering? 

Like tarot readings but want to try something different? 

A Dream Reading may be perfect for you.

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5 Nights Of Dreaming


Don't remember your dreams? But want to?

Do you have the discipline to put in the effort?

5 Nights of Dreaming might be your program.

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Testimonials From Dreamy Clients


I wrote Jillian, because I had a dream about a past job and boss that I had; not related. I also had a lot of emotions about co-workers in my dream as well as different dream symbols. It was pretty confusing, and I felt like I wanted to see what Jillian could tell me about all of it. The dream was just so involved.

I learned that some of the symbols were related to childhood experiences and things I need to let go of. I also learned that some of the symbols related to my own self esteem and work I’m doing now, to better myself.

The connections she made were incredible. I’m really grateful for her and her gifts.


Jillian did a dream interpretation for me and it resonated so strongly with me! Her interpretation was very detailed and it really helped me see the hidden messages in my dream. I took away knowledge that guided me in deciding what the next steps were in a situation I was facing. Her interpretation also helped me to see it was time to let go with another issue in my life. Jillian has a natural gift for interpreting dreams and that mixed with her strong intuition is a magical combination! 


I don’t dream often but after speaking with Jillian about dreams she seemed to have activated a string of dreams within me. I purchased her “exploration” service where I sent her the dream and she returned an interpretation. It was incredibly insightful, spot on, intuitive, and really just magickal. I would have never seen it that way and I really appreciated her perspective. It allowed me to rethink my decisions in life and in business and go a different way. Thank you Jillian! You are incredibly talented 🙏❤️


I recently reached out to Jillian because I had a dream that was really disturbing and left me feeling ungrounded. When she shared her dream interpretation with me, it was SO much more helpful than what I could have ever imagined!! She explained in detail and with multiple meanings what the symbols in my dream were-- things I wasn't able to figure out on my own. She gave me sage advice and guided me for next steps with what to do about the issue that is clearly bubbling up in my conscious awareness. I highly recommend giving her services a try! She is so talented!!


My son, Miller, was having bad dreams every single night.   Every.  Single.  Night.

I sought the help of Jillian.  She lovingly made Miller a dream pillow for him to put inside his pillow at night with the most wonderful invocation for him to read out loud and call upon the moon to help guide his dreams.

And it worked!  Not immediately.  Immediately it worked 50% of the time which was better than I could have ever imagined at that point of him waking me up every single night.  So now it was every other.  I was thrilled.  And then it was every third night.  And then fourth.  Fifth.  And so on.  Now, a few months later, it is a rarity that he wakes up with a bad dream, rather than a normality.

We are so thankful to Jillian and the sleepful nights she has returned to our family.