Lucid Dreaming

Am I dreaming? Yes I am!

Lucid dreaming is when dreaming really takes off, and you have a chance to be the pilot. 

When you are in the middle of a dream, and becoming aware that you are dreaming, this is becoming lucid. Your perspective shifts from watching the dream, or passively participating in it, to being in the dream as an active participant. Imagine if you were watching a TV show and the characters suddenly looked at you and addressed you by name. Then they invite you into the TV with them to be a part of the show. That's a lucid dream. Fully being a part of the dream.

So what would you do in your nighttime sitcom if you could do anything you wanted? Fly to the treetops then just a little further? Dive into a crashing wave and stay under water with the mermaids? Smooch that lady or fella you've had your eye on? Visit a loved one who has passed away?

When lucid, you can do any of these things and more. And it isn't too terribly hard to get there. 


Why Should I Want To Be Lucid In My Dreams?

You Mean Besides Being Able To Do Whatever The Heck You Want?

Once you learn to lucid dream, you can, actually, do whatever the heck you want. Yes, even that. And that. And that too, just don't tell anyone you did.

When I was a little girl and I realized I could control my dreams, I did whatever I wanted. I would fly, I would swim, I would yell, and I would try on all of the dresses in all of the stores. 

But you can do so much more. 


Think for a minute about something you want to improve about yourself. I wanted to improve my confidence when faced with conflict. I'm a terrible fighter. When becoming lucid in my dreams, I put myself into situations where I face conflict. And I train myself while I sleep on how to better handle confrontation. Then in waking life, when faced with conflict, I can better assert myself by applying my dream training. It's pretty remarkable to be able to do that. And I can't think of a situation that dream training wouldn't be applicable.


What are you struggling with? Maybe you have a personal struggle, family struggle, work struggle, you get the idea. What if you could just ask for help with whatever is hard for you right now without ANY fear of judgment? When you have lucid dreams, you can. Just call on a dream character (a person in your dream) and ask for their help. It's really just as simple as thinking, "I need help," and they show up. Present them with a question and listen for their answer. Who should you call on? Whoever you trust. A friend, a spouse, and depending on where you are spiritually maybe an angel or a spirit guide. The truth is, when you are in Dream Town, it is just you and your dream team. It's an incredible resource and always available to you. So use it.


There she is. Meditation. When I can get myself to meditate, it's awesome. But, if you haven't yet gathered, I'm a little bit all over the place and it is really hard for me to sit and focus sometimes. So when I become lucid in my dreams, I often like to put the flying and training to rest, and just meditate. I'm already sleeping, why not get an added benefit. When meditating in a lucid dream I often experience some pretty spectacular healing sessions too. All good things.


At a cost of zero dollars, no security lines to wait in, and no bags to pack, where should we jet off to tonight? 


Hawaii? Yes, I've been there several times recently. Florida. Yeppers, be there in a hot second. Antartica? Maybe, I dislike being cold but I do like penguins. 

You can travel for free when you're having a lucid dream. Grab your friends and let's go!


I've saved my favorite for last. Visitation dreams. If you've lost someone close to you, you probably miss seeing them. When lucid dreaming, you can really visit them again. 

And so many others.

You can visit those that have died. 

You can visit the one that got away. 

You can visit pets you miss. 

You can visit friends who live far away. 

You can visit people who bully you. 

You can visit celebrities you admire. 

You can visit yourself in ten years. 

What Can I Do to Become Lucid in My Dreams?


Above All Else, Have the Desire and Belief

I say this about everything and it really is so true. If you don't really want to do it, and/or you don't whole heartedly believe you CAN do it, it won't work. This is not for skeptics, this is for believers.

Ask Yourself, "Am I Dreaming?"

This is the very best way to get yourself on the path to lucid dreaming., Throughout the day ask yourself, "Am I dreaming?" Look around. Are you dreaming? Nope? Ok. Ask again soon. When you train your brain to pay attention in waking life, you are also training it to pay attention in sleeping life. So with practice, the next time you're in Dream Town, your brain will think, "Am I dreaming?" And the answer will be YES!!! Then go ahead and have your way with the dream.

Mix Up Your Sleep Schedule

This is a tricky one to commit to, but it works. Look at your normal sleep schedule. In bed by 11:00 pm awake by 7:00 am. Great. Now shave some time off of that alarm clock. Wake up at 4:00 am.


I know. But do it. 

Wake up at 4:00 am. Sit up, write down any dreams you recall, go to the bathroom, stretch a little, then go back to sleep. You'll get back into REM sleep quickly and be likely to experience more of it (REM sleep is the place where dreams happen).

Set the Intention

Before you go to sleep, set the intention for a lucid dream. Repeat over and over and over again until you fall asleep, "I will have a lucid dream," or whatever variation of the phrase resonates with you. You can say it aloud if you want (though I say it in my head because my husband already thinks I'm nuts enough). Falling asleep with the intention to lucid dream is a fantastic way to encourage the experience. 

Excited for more one-on-one help? Let's dream together.