What is hypnagogia?

You mean besides pretty awesome? It's this little place you find between sleep and awake. Just before you fall asleep and just after you are awake you hit this space. You're just tired enough to get there but not so tired that you bypass it and head straight to Dream Land. It's like the toll booth on the turnpike of dreams.

Did you see that?

When hypnagogia kicks in, it's like you're at the movies and a black screen begins to show swirls of color. If you pay attention to those swirls, they may stay random or they may make shapes. Pay attention to them, they're awesome. And if you're an artist, remember them and use them to create. 

Did you hear that?

Think for a minute about what is sounds like when you go to sleep. Maybe you hear the TV in the background, or the ceiling fan rotating. Perhaps the AC has kicked in or you hear your little voice talking about your day. When you reach hypnagogia it's like there is a white noise between your ears. It sounds familiar yet foreign. You can't miss it. 

Did you feel that?

Now don't get scared. Hypnagogia can sometimes make you experience sleep paralysis. It's not permanent, and it doesn't always happen. But it can give you the sensation that your body is paralyzed. There are two ways of experiencing sleep paralysis. You might be so freaked out by it that it draws your conscious in, and you become aware that you're trying to fall asleep and all hypnagogia goes away. Or! You might become aware that you're body can't move, and you think, this is so cool, I'm THAT much closer to amazing things.

Awesome, but I'm totally freaked out by what I'm experiencing.

I get it. I am too. Just try focus more on the process and not the side effects. Use the side effects to get you super pumped that it's working and you're about to go on a crazy awesome journey. 

Now that I understand it, what do I do with it?

Now that you understand what hypnagogia is, and how to experience it, you can put it to use. Once you go through the toll booth that is hypnagogia decide which exit you want to take on the turnpike of dreams. Will you head toward astral travel, lucid dreaming, or something else yet to be discovered? Your call. 

Let me help you get there