False Awakening

You Just Woke Up, Or Did You?


False awakenings are common in lucid dreams. It is best described as the the moment you realize you are in a dream and "wake up". When you "wake up" you are actually in a new dream scene, but you don't realize that, you believe you woke up from your dream. 

You may still be at the place you fell asleep, such as your bedroom, which can confuse you. Often you do not realize that you haven't actually woken up, that you are still dreaming, so you go about your business, your typical morning routine until you realize something is off.

There might be elements of the room that don't agree with your environment in reality. Perhaps the nightstand is a different material, or the carpet is now hardwood floors. 

At this point, you either wake up for real, go back to sleep, or continue with another false awakening.

If it's another false awakening, remember, you THINK you're waking up, but that is false. It goes something like this - You realize, wow, I just woke up from a dream within a dream. I must write this down. When you reach for your dream journal, it's not there. Ahh! I'm still dreaming!

This can go on for several rounds, it's fascinating stuff.