Astral Travel


What is Astral Travel?

An out of body experience where your astral body leaves your physical body to experience another time or place. It's important to note there are many variations of astral travel. I will be focusing on the astral travel that occurs when you sleep.

What is an Astral Body?

Your astral body is your wispy little spiritual self. 

Think of when you blow bubbles. Imagine the wand is your physical body, and the bubble solution is your astral body. It sits perfectly within that bubble wand until gently blown, and then turns into a bubble that separates from the wand and floats away.

Where Does the Astral Body Go?

That's up to you. Where do you want it to go?  With meditation, and setting intentions, you can plan a night of astral traveling before you go to sleep and find yourself there in no time.

What if my Astral Body Doesn't Come Back?

Don't worry, it will. Your astral body is connected to your physical body by a silvery cord. You can think of it as an umbilical cord that stretches almost indefinitely.

How Do I Do This?

As you go to bed at night, quiet your mind, turn the phone off for good, (no last minute peeks at your email or texts), and focus your mind on falling asleep and setting the intention that you want to astral travel.  

How Do I Know I've Started and How Do I Know I'm Back?

You will notice an energetic surge in your mind and body. You may feel shakes, hear a whooshing sound, or feel your body is perfectly still but get the sense there's been a shift. 

When your astral body returns, you will feel a thud. Even though your astral body weighs all of an ounce and a half, you will feel it land back in place strongly and securely.

How'd it go? I'd love to hear about your astral experience

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