About Your Dream Girl


Hey there, I'm Jillian, your dream girl

Welcome, and thanks for wanting to get to know a little about me. 

That's me, in my heaven, at the beach. Surrounded by fresh ocean air, sand between my toes, and sunshine for miles. Close your eyes, let's pretend we are there for a minute.

Wake up, let's get back to reality, where you can find me living in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband, three kiddos, and our bearded dragon, Bo. When home, we love to be outside - splashing in the pool in the summer, and playing in the snow in the winter. We love to throw parties, particularly themed ones, go on adventures like getting lost in the woods, and we live for Saturday morning cuddles. If school and work aren't keeping us tied to home, we love to travel. We visit Florida often, and hope to get some international mileage in the near future.

And, we love to dream. Our breakfast discussions usually include a, "I have to tell you about my dream," segment.  My favorites are the ones that star me as the mean mom. I take that as an indicator that it's time to up my patience level. Again. And of course, there are the super detailed dreams that are shared the mornings we are running late. Again. Ask your kids about their dreams, really. It's incredible what's going on in there when they sleep. 

I feel like this is my purpose. Bringing dreams to others in a fun and unconventional way. There's plenty of science out there to back up dreams, support their existence and explain the how and why. I respect and reference those studies often. But I'm here to bring it to you in an easy, breezy, and beautiful way.

You May Say I'm A Dreamer

dream·er /ˈdrēmər / noun

dream·er /ˈdrēmər/noun

  • a person who dreams or is dreaming.

I dream every night and have for as long as I can remember. There are the dreams I had as a child that are as clear as the dreams I had last night. Some dreams come back again and again until I work through them. I have dreams that are memories of a another lifetime, and dreams I can control. But my favorite dreams are the visits from loved ones who passed long ago.

  • Exploring a misty forest that opens to a single cottage 
  • Driving my car which is suddenly out of control. I pump the brakes, but they don't work. Will I be able to stop before driving off of the bridge and into the riv...
  • Slowly walking through a large field, then skipping, which becomes running, and then jumping to see if I can fly (I can), higher and higher until I am dancing with the stars
  • Seeing my dad unexpectedly, holding him and feeling his energy. Crying until I wake up because I miss him so much

My nighttime journeys are extraordinary, reflective, therapeutic, meditative, and just fun.

I'm not special though, because you dream every night too, you simply may not remember your dreams. 

But you can.

dream·er /ˈdrēmər/noun

dream·er /ˈdrēmər/noun

  •  a person who is unpractical or idealistic.

I don't want to live a practical life. 

  • I believe in magick
  • Had numerous extracurriculars as a child including, but not limited to, clarinet, cheerleading, and hurdler
  • Never could answer the "what do you want to be when you grow up question," with an actual career goal
  • Majored in Pre-Med, because I wanted to help children that were sick, despite being lightheaded when seeing blood
  • Changed my major several times
  • Lived & worked in Disney World for 6 months
  • Still not sure what I want to be when I grow up
  • Had my wedding in the most magical place on Earth
  • Sunday Funday is my favorite 
  • Don't have a job but do have a shopping habit
  • Feel the energy of a person or place and can decide in an instant if I want to be in that energy
  • Make wishes to the moon - and invite my kids to join

Totally, and completely REALISTICALLY idealistic. What fun is living if you don't actually live? And until reality is perfection, make your dreams your utopia.

My Dream Journey

It Was Only Just A Dream

Raisin' babies is fun, as is making breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for five people, six if you include Bo, the bearded dragon. But, I need a purpose in my life that doesn't include folding laundry, doing homework, and watching 90 Day Fiancé. I have this crazy idea that it might be fun to challenge myself to better myself doing something I actually love doing. And maybe (hopefully) along the way I get some others in on my little obsession too. 

So here it goes. I'm going to share my dream journey with you. I'm going to write and post all about my nighttime adventures. Every week I'll try something new to aid in dreaming. I'll use herbs, and crystals, old folklore and new trends. Before you roll your eyes, think about how much effort this is going to be. I'll need to: 

  • Sleep a lot. And it needs to be good sleep. Not overtired sleep, not drunk sleep, not, "I can only get 4 hours sleep," but actual good sleep - someone send the memo to my kids please 
  • Write a little. And edit. And publish. With pictures. And wit. Every day. Except maybe the weekends, because we all need a break and dreaming can be exhausting
  • Take some videos. There's a learning curve here, which is why I say "some" videos. But keep an eye out for these, because they are sure to be fantastic doozies
  • Do a lot of research - on herbs, crystals, baths, incense, oils, old wives tales, blogging, videography, nightmares, prophetic dreams, lucid dreams, reoccurring dreams, mutual dreaming, astral travel,  and??? It's great that researching happens to be a hobby of mine
  • Share, and be vulnerable. I'm about to let you inside my head at night. That's pretty intimate. Hope the hubby is OK with that
  • Grow a backbone. I know there will be criticism, I know I need to learn to roll with it

Each day I'll come back and report honestly in my dream journal about what happened. How were my dreams? More vivid? More lucid? Prophetic? Nightmarish? Completely insane and now I can't look that person in the face?!? I'll also give you a heads up to let you know what's on deck for the night ahead. 

I'm pretty pumped to share this journey with the world, and I would love for you to be a part of this journey too. But please, read my disclaimer -  Under the Covers and Dreaming's content is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal remedies. Some plants and mushrooms may cause illness or death.

Please don't you go dying on me. Do the responsible thing, check with a trusted medical care provider before trying anything.

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